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IMVU is a 3D virtual chat game where you can hang out with people from many different countries around the world whilst chatting in a wide variety of stunning environments. What makes IMVU alot more fun than conventional chatting rooms and games is that you control a virtual 3D character and can build your own condo where you can invite people to come party with you. This makes chatting online much more interactive. Of course condo parties are just one of many exciting ways to chat and get to know new friends.

Create your perfect self and make them look how you wish with perfect customisable options for both physical features and fashion sense for your 3D character.

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IMVU brings a real to life way of chatting to people to your computer. Except you don't have to get to know someone in just one environment, you can pick and choose from hundred's of exciting places from flashy clubs and bars to beautiful beaches, villas and mansions.

More about IMVU

I'm so envious of you.

Most people frequently use this kind of phrase throughout their daily lives. In general, people tend to envy cash, clothing, fashion, cars, status, feeling content, plus a never ending list of extra things that they believe can make them feel fulfilled.  Many people have started to devote a great deal of time and cash forming the lives they desire since games, such as Second Life have arrived on the scene. 

The idea of making an imaginary adaptation of one’s self followed by an interaction with other fictitious people may sound a bit weird to you.  You’re probably thinking: what’s exciting about designing a computer-generated life when I can achieve better things in the real world?  It is plausible that joining any site that resembles a Second Life may be ‘off putting’ for many people because of the fear of trialling something alternative.  

However, do not be concerned!  IMVU isn’t similar to such sites.  I would say it’s similar to a chat rooms and has something unique about it.  It’s so much more interactive, you get additional opportunities to have a good time, plus it provides you with an individual method of introducing yourself to those who are already members.  IMVU is all about creating a desirable personal look and getting to know other like-minded people who you have never met before. 

Just think, for a small monthly payment you can become part of thriving society that includes people with a similar mind-set as yourself.  Doesn’t that sound appealing?  You can come into contact, and engage with hundreds of people that are keen to meet with you to know you better.  Plus, you can do this in a way that you’re not familiar with. 

Personal Avatar

After selecting a user name and adding some vital bits of data, the exciting bit starts- creating your own avatar.  You do not have to be too concerned about making choices, plus every anatomical part of your avatar can be altered!     You’ll become totally familiar with the site really fast because it adequately assists you through a number of sections, including the shop and your personal room.  You may feel that things appear a bit bare to start with, although this changes as soon as you get to the chat rooms.  You can revise certain information in your personal profile, like your age, gender, sexuality and why you’ve chosen to be on IMVU (talking, getting to know new people and so on).  You can get moving after you have completed this.  

imvu shop to you drop for fashion

The Dress Up Component

You will discover the endless things that you can do to your avatar in this particular section.  Actually, the word dress up is an understatement because you’re able to alter virtually anything.  The most apparent things that you can alter are your avatars hairstyle and outfits.  In addition, there are lots of less obvious things that you can alter too, like eye shape, tone of skin, bodily movements and your avatars manners.  Your avatar will actually use the latter ones during chat.  The choice is massive and includes things like sensual strides, hip hop movements and so many extras, just so that you can create an individual character.  You will discover for yourself that there is a never-ending array of clothing and accessories to choose from so that you can develop your own identity.  Actually, the most difficult thing is trying to remember everything that you have purchased and packed inside your closet!  You will also discover that the item sections have been divided really well, which makes it really simple to select the things you want.    The entire “dress up” section is simple and straightforward – you can navigate your way around it without any guidance.   

Your avatar comes into sight, plus you’re able to use the zoom button to look at how great your clothes match with each other.  The graphics aren’t that great, although they’re not too bad either.  Certain aspects look nicer compared to other ones – for instance- all the hairdo’s seem to be fantastic, but the jewels seem two dimensional and out-of-date.   In addition, your individual character will do a small illustration for you after you choose an action.  I’d say around fifty percent of these are great, and the other fifty percent aren’t that good.  A lot of the actions are intended to be daft and unlikely, yet others have been created so that they seem like they actually exist, which works really well.  People who have already played The Sims will tend to notice that there is a lot of resemblance between all the avatars actions.  

You’re able to save your “fresh look” inside your closet after combining your clothes and actions.  This means you can choose anyone of your customised outfits each time you move to dress up.  If you want, you can spend a significant amount of time in dress up – take all the time you need in the world – you won’t really get this luxury any other time.  You may feel like you’ve got an empty closet when you first start your membership, but you will soon overcome this feeling.   IMVU provides you with a great array of outfits, actions and skin tones to enable you to begin to design your avatar.  In addition, IMVU gives you a range of funky looking pet animals to match your perfect image and give you a totally cool look.

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imvu interior design

It doesn't end with your cool character... create your own condo!

Interior Design

Emmm, chit chat is a major thing on IMVU and will be discussed shortly.  In the meantime, there’s another issue you should research prior to setting out into the huge world of chat rooms - pimp out your private place! Everybody in IMVU has an individual crib – a place where their avatars can take it easy. You can make and adapt this space to suit your own needs, which means anything goes.

Creating your personal space is uncomplicated.  It works exactly like it does with your personal closet.  You are given a variety of basic items free of charge to give you a kick start, including a lamp, table and a chair.  You can’t differentiate your personal space with them though, so it’s better to do your own furniture shopping.  This way, you can pick out some interesting things for your own room and make it look unique.  Like everything on IMVU, you may choose some standard products, such as a large settee, or something a lot more eccentric – for example – a Jacuzzi, or a hammock!

It is so simple to choose your furniture and manoeuvre it after you have bought it.  Once more, the amount of effort you put into this is entirely up to you.  I must say, I really like doing this part! There is a snag though – it’s not easy to "sample" the item prior to buying it. Nonetheless, designing your individual pad to live in is a fun, exciting and enjoyable thing to do – you will really like it.

You’ll desire a funky looking place because after making some good friends, you’ll want to invite them over to yours instead of just chatting with them in the chat rooms. Therefore, you’ll be eager to make an impression!

Chit Chat

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Well, you have the looks, the place, plus you have an idea of how things work.  So what happens next?  It’s time to immerse one’s self into the chat rooms, meeting other like- minded individuals and making good friendships– a whole new world all together. You can go to any chat room you want besides the few that require a special membership (VIP).  You will have to pay a bit more for this each month, nevertheless, it’ll make you’ll feel extra special.  You might get a bit overwhelmed with the amount and selection of rooms available to choose from, although this can be resolved very easily by using the filter system. You’ll be able to locate the rooms that you want in no time. You will know what type of place you’re entering because each room has a tiny description plus a picture to go with it.  Moreover, other users have scored all the rooms so you can choose the best ones.  To make life easy for yourself in the future, you can include the rooms that you like as a favourite.

The size of each room varies - some accommodate two or three people while others can accommodate ten or more. It is better to go to the bigger rooms in the beginning because you can hook up with more people that way.  From time to time, you may discover that you’ve been kicked out of a room really quickly – plus there will be no apparent reason for this.  I suggest that you do not take this to heart as certain folk only want their buddies in their rooms and aren’t interested in newcomers.  Just think you might end up kicking people out yourself sometime in the future!

It’s remarkable talking on IMVU!  Each room has been created by a user themselves, which means there are plenty of options to choose from.  There are ample opportunities to create your own rooms too.  Some rooms have been designed to look a lot like grand clubs, ultramodern hangout rooms, plus chic bars. If you visit these, you will most likely feel obligated to get changed into something different so that it is appropriate for your surrounding! Most of the rooms have an incredibly hip atmosphere; users tend to choose excellent backgrounds too, which adds to the ambience.

Not everything is about partying; however. You can enter more relaxed rooms if you fancy slowing down the pace a bit – the gym for instance.  Everybody is aware that the gym is a good location to hook up with new people - don’t forget to buy a snazzy gym kit though.  If none of these options sound appealing and you want a quiet life, then you can escape to a beautiful place in the country close to mountains.  There is an endless choice of rooms, plus you’ll always find areas to meet-up and chill out.

The graphics are remarkable – you will definitely like them.  Your avatars are gifted at mingling with other people and objects.  It seems very believable if you decide to sit at a bar, and it’s the same if you choose to relax on a huge couch! It’s not possible to stroll around the room, although you can position your avatar so that it sits/stands/dances etc.  All you have to do is click if you want to move your avatar, which is excellent when it comes to navigating your way round the bigger rooms!